1. Little Mary Wells
2. Twenty-Two Takes
3. On Stage with Motown
4. Herman Griffin
5. Ambushed by the Girl Groups
6. Smokey Robinson
7. The Motown Revues
8. David Ruffin and Holland-Dozier-Holland
9. "My Guy"
10. "The Girl Who Beat the Beatles"
11. Trouble at the Top
12. Fighting Motown for Her Freedom
13. An Explosive Confrontation
14. Moving to Twentieth
15. Jackie Wilson and Carl Davis
16. Singing for Twentieth
17. Swimming the Wide Atlantic
18. Two Brothers and I Ain't Ashamed
19. The Years of Jubilee
20. Curtis Womack
21. Mary on Drugs and Booze
22. Still on the Road, Still on Her Own
23. Coming in from the Applause
24. Kidnapped for a Song?
25. On the Road Again
26. An English Revival
27. Last Cruise to Catalina
28. Wells vs. Cancer
29. Going for Broke
30. My Heart is Steadfast
31. You Beat Me to the Punch

Epilogue: Some Further Doings
Appendix 1: US and UK Discography
Appendix 2: Unreleased Mary Wells Tracks
Appendix 3: TV, Video and Film Appearances
Appendix 4: 1991 Suit against Motown Records