"I thought I knew all there was to know about MARY WELLS. I was wrong. Here, PETER BENJAM-
INSON tells Mary's story with great love and compassion in a way that informs even the so-called experts. I love Peter's work, and am happy to see Mary Wells finally be given the recognition she so deserves." --- J. RANDY TARABORRELLI, author of "MICHAEL JACKSON," "AFTER CAMELOT," and "THE SECRET LIFE OF MARILYN MONROE."

"PETER BENJAMINSON pays tribute to the remarkable life of MARY WELLS through a fascinating biography. His relentless research has resulted in not only a riveting tale of Wells's many personal battles but also a gripping snapshot of the music industry in which she worked. Motown's first superstar is given top-of-the-charts treatment in this terrific book." --- GERALD POSNER, author of "MOTOWN," "WHY AMERICA SLEPT," and "CASE CLOSED."

"PETER BENJAMINSON does an admirable job with "MARY WELLS," presenting thoroughly
researched scholarship, but always going back to reminding the reader of the soaring voice and the wide heart of Motown's first superstar." --- CHARLES R. CROSS, author of "HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN" and "ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS."

"MARY WELLS has finally found 'My Guy' --- and it is her biographer PETER BENJAMINSON. This is a match made in music heaven." --- AL ABRAMS, author of "HYPE & SOUL: BEHIND THE SCENES AT MOTOWN"